performance enhancing technology
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Organisations prosper by having a well-defined and understood strategic plan, a sound business platform to enable the plan, and people who are aligned and committed to achieving its goals.

Excelerate is dedicated to helping our clients better understand, improve and grow their businesses by utilising specialist expertise and appropriate, best-of-breed business applications. We want to help them push the envelope, and keep pushing.

Use the right advice and technology to assess opportunities, measure and manage performance, increase efficiency, and capture and present your vital business information in insightful and practical ways. Then, good people, your most scarce resource, can make more effective and profitable use of their time and make decisions in a more informed manner and act on them - our Value Proposition.


Strategic Planning

The Competitive Strength Report: Quickly and cost-effectively assess your organisation’s strategy and core actions. Understanding and agreeing your key goals and how to achieve them is the fundamental first step in any business.

Budgeting and Forecasting

Streamline the whole budgeting and forecasting process using idu’s user friendly suite of financial applications. Save time, create true value from your budget and provide real financial insight.

Human Capital Management

Use our Recruitment Management and Talent Portals to find, hire and develop the best people for your organisation using recruitment best practices and key human capital concepts

Business Process Management

Better understand, measure and improve the critical business activities within your organisation, and how they impact on each other. Your core business processes need to be agreed on, documented  and properly stored in order to provide proper frames of reference around best practices and protect your valuable process capital. Remove bottlenecks and failed operational handovers through better Process and Application Integration.


Document Management

Secure, file and find all your valuable information quickly and easily. The average information worker spends about a quarter of their time looking for stuff.

Capture and archive all your critical documents, images and emails, use approval workflows to elimate the "dropped balls", and provide secure protection, simple retrieval by the right people and maintain the integrity of all your critical information.


Inventory Optimisation

JustEnough enables companies to have the right amount of stock in the right place at the right time.
Forecast demand, plan allocations and assortments, and financially manage your capital-hungry stock.

Sales & Marketing

Sustaining and growing revenue is key to any business. Evaluate and improve your marketing efforts, expose and optimise your key sales processes, develop and assess new opportunities.